Best Slot Machines 2016

The first new slot machine was introduced in late 19th century. At that time, no one knew what a rage it would become in casinos. Today, in 2016, slots machines are the most sought after games in online casinos. Most players visit a Vegas casino simply to spend some time on slots. There are some who like to play with free money, while others use real money too.
Casino slots machines involve very little skill and so people keep testing their luck and many win jackpots as they play their favorite slots games in casinos. There are the new video slots and the simple machines that transport you to an older time. If you are looking for slots games that are going to be big in 2016, here’s a list.

Leagues of Fortune: the perfect 2016 summer casino machines slot game, this new machine brings together a nautical theme with exciting bonuses in all casinos that have it. You can get a lot of money gaming on slot machines such as this. Players enjoy the Microgaming slot games and can try for free if they want. It has a bonus stage which is much enjoyable too.
Battlestar Gallactica: for the fans of this television series, these new 2016 casino slot game machines are a refreshing change from the mundane. It features a lot of characters, objects and symbols from the original series and is a true tribute to it – even better than Vegas casinos. This is a video slot game with a lot of animations. You can play it with free money or with real one. This is an eclectic mix of gaming and sci fi.

Isis: the mystical goddess of magic shines to bring players good fortune in one of the most graphic casino video slots machines ever. A relatively new casino game, this casinos slot machine is set to rock 2016 with its free and money versions. It combines mythological characters with Egyptian hieroglyphs and Vegas style music. The imagery has been created flawlessly and the story is intriguing just like the central character around which it has been created.

Loaded: ever wondered how the rich and the famous are living it up in Vegas in 2016? This is one of the new casino slot machines that have a lot of bling attached to it. The moment you enter into a casino, you begin dreaming about a big win. This casino slot game machine has the potential to make that dream come true in 2016. It is a favorite in most casinos that have it. It has a rich theme with a focus on the rich and can be played for free. The music, the feel and the graphics all add to its charm in casinos.

Shoot: the perfect 2016 casinos game for sports lovers, this slot machine is rather new. It has a new theme and feel to it – soccer. Hear the crowds cheering and recreate the experience of your favorite game every time you sit to play at one of these machines for free or for money. Lots of unique features and over fifty wager lines makes this a must play.