Video Poker Games

Video poker first came into being when the appropriate technology to make games such as those became viable. A video game machine requires a combination of a television like monitor and a central processing unit which can easily process the sounds and the graphics required to play. With the advent of the first personal computers, video poker machines also came in production. From the time they were introduced in the 1970s, to today, they have certainly come a long way.

The first video poker game was Draw Poker and the double, joker or wild versions of it and it was introduced in 1979. During the next decade, more players wanted to pay the game than ever before. Even the novices wanted to play video poker because they found it less intimidating to play at a machine instead of at a table. Of all casino games, the video ones such as Jacks or Better began becoming most popular. It was faster and more entertaining for one.

As online casinos caught on, players began to sample the free games. They found, much to their delight, that video poker was both interesting and engaging, almost double the original format. This led them to keep playing and getting wild. They waited for new games to be introduced and begun to frequent the site of their choice only to spend their time and money on video poker, which are very enjoyable to play.

The rules are very much similar to the regular game of draw poker. You can play them with a virtual deck. The player is dealt a hand and has the opportunity to either discard a card and draw more from the deck, or keep at play without making a draw. You can find free games to play. With the free gaming, you can build your confidence, know how to draw, learn new free games and understand the free play. Once you are confident, you can move to the paid amusements from those that are free.

Most games have their own paytables and you win or lose according to that. You could also choose to play double or nothing, draw or double your bets to increase your odds. Those who have the best cards, always win. The winning combinations are the same. Joker, Jacks, Queens and Kings pay more. Some offer progressive jackpots, while other simple payouts. Some of the more popularly played in any casino include Jacks or Better, Bally’s All American, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. Of these, Deuces Wild, with its many wild card combinations, is considered to be the most entertaining and enjoyable. Deuces Wild is also among the most upgraded video poker games. The technology to play this game keeps getting better all the time. Today, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better have quickly replaced many of the other, more sophisticated types.

Casino experiences do not really change, even when new games are introduced. Better things are always being made, and the same happens with casino entertainment too. So whether it is a bonus game, Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better, soon enough a more enjoyable game will come along and players will begin to vie enthusiastically for that so that they can play a game which is even more exciting.